Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays folks.

Here they are, as promised.  Snowflake girl in Holly, Mistletoe and Ice.  This set was fun to do.  I love the snowflake accents on the belt.  I'm not certain if I should have gone for a deeper green on the Mistletoe but it turned out bright and festive.  They were modeled by my good friend Snow.

I have also added some brand options that I am quite proud of.  They are a steal at only 50 Lindens

Whatever you celebrate I hope it is a joyous time of year for you!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Autum Greetings!

So my goal is apparently one blog a month.  I say apparently because I would really like it to be every two weeks but I don't see that happening any time soon...  But for now one a month is do-able.

Now on to the fun stuff.  I finished this little set just in time for Thanksgiving.

Yes some pieces were re-colors but the orange and gold leaf textures were a lovey new accent and I thought it looked very festive.  Dark red, orange and navy blue complimented the colors perfectly I  enjoyed being able to add the bodice/corset to give it a mix and match feel and add some variety,  I hope people enjoy, coming soon...  Snowflake Girl!  Yes my names are simplistic.  It shouldn't matter!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Its October Madness!

For me the best part about Halloween is the costumes.  So with that in mind I've been working hard and have three Halloween themed outfits completed and ready for sale.

The textures were all done in Photoshop.  I realize the cutesie nature of the theme but in this season of costumes it seemed appropriate.  I may try doing a Felicity Costume next but I am hesitant to spend more lindens on purchasing the feet and hand paw sculpts that would be necessary to really pull that one off.  There is still a lot of time in the month I may do a witch, black cat, bat and spider themed silk as well.  We will see what inspiration hits.

On an off subject I spent two hours this morning going through my landmarks for roleplay sims and my list has shrunk by about one third.  What is it about gorean roleplay on second life that makes sims just fade away and die? 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm bad at these.

I'm bad at this.  I'm really, really bad at this whole blogging thing.  But While I am horrible at remembering to come update this blog I have been very, very, good about creating.  I've got 67 different silks and things out on the market.  My best seller is undoubtedly the Kajira Starter Kit with over 800 sold. But then its really a steal at 25 lindens for a simple HUD that overrides walk and crawl and gives about twelve different poses to choose between for serving.  It also comes with a brand, whip marks for roleplaying, a tintable camisk and silk to get a girl started, tons of note cards with information about Gor and a few simple chore props.  This thing really has it all.  Most of the animations are freebies that come from the open collar system and many of the notecards can be found other places, but everything else is mine.  I remember what it was like to try and get started roleplaying in gor and I think every girl deserves to get a little boost for a very reasonable price.

Of course, that is actually one of my oldest products.  I've done a bunch of updates.

Black and Gold Rose Silks:

Became this!

 And these:

Became These:

You have to admit the new stuff is far superior to the old.  From the detail of the adds with their more interesting backgrounds to the quality of the silks themselves.   Each one is accented with a different suite.  Hearts for the Queen, Diamonds for Alice, Spades for the Hatter and Clubs for Cheshire.  The White Rabbit has a few hearts hidden in her outfit as well, because after all, she did work in the Queen's court. This is only some of the new things I have created since June.  But it is the last of my updates.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well.  Grand opening week is over today.  And I think I've sold about five things from my in world store.  It's alright though.  It is not as if I have rent that is due.  Although I have set up my vendor to pay a 10% commission to the woman who's land I am on.  I figure it is just a matter of advertizing now to get the product out there.  I've been working hard on updating a bunch of my older adds.. It's busy work but anything that might help, right?

So this:

 Becomes this:
 And for another update, this:
 Is now this:
Now that I am getting the hang of creating textures I think it is showing real improvement in the quality.  Just look at that black lace lining the bottom of the bodice.  I could never have managed that a year ago.  I've only got two silks that I feel still need updated.  The Alice and Red Queen silks and about twelve more adds to fix and then I will have everything loaded into my online store that is on the Marketplace. 

Also I have a ton of new silk ideas running around in my head that I will get to eventually! Alot of which could be considered cosplay, with a silky twist of course!  

Until next week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grand Opening!

I've fallen into luck with a store in SL. My Very good Friend Rowan Carroll has decided to share some space with me and I now have a store that can actually be teleported directly to. She also built the space and themed it like a Persian camp complete with sand dunes and a tent with rugs and sprawled pillows. I absolutely love it.

I have also re-done more of my original silks. Some of the old have never sold well and needed an update.  So this:
  Used to be this....

A vast improvement in my opinion!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back.  After two years and lots of trial and errors I am back, both to Secondlife and to creating.  I've learned a few new tips and tricks along the way and I have to say my new endeavors are leaps and bounds above the old. 
 A little Eighties, a little oriental the Dark floral silks were fun to make.  I really love the contrast of the light blue and the black but I included the lighter version for those who don't.

StarSpangled Girl was of course inspired by the avengers movie and Captain America.  There is something that is so much fun about crating a silk that is a parody of a popular character.

I've had my first commission.  One of the entrants in the Next top Gor model.  It's been delivered and she loves it so once the twelfth has come and gone I will be adding that to my store as well.  Until then her commission remains a closely guarded secret.... Well ok.  I'll give one hint.  This is the background for the add: